Radio Frequency

Skin Rejuvenation

After the age of 25 our skin loses almost 1.5 percent of its collagen each year. By age 40 we have lost almost 30 percent! Some of us can relate to that dull, lacklustre complexion, not to mention . . . wrinkles.

By stimulating our skin’s own ability to produce collagen and elastin, a dramatic amount of regeneration can be achieved with the help of Radio Frequency.

Radio Frequency works by creating a mild heat 4mm below the skin’s surface targeting the dermal layer where collagen and elastin are produced.

This stimulation increases blood circulation and causes the collagen proteins to thicken, which in turn triggers the natural production of new collagen.

Safe, comfortable and causes no trauma to the skin, Radio frequency is ideal to incorporate in a regular anti-ageing regimen for both prevention and rejuvenation.

Assists in firming, tightening and enhancing skin texture for a youthful glow.