Sue-PI adore my visits to The Face & Body Lounge and can hardly wait to get back for the next one. With gorgeous treatments such as the Bee Sting Facial, Plant Stem Cells etc, the compliments I get on my glowing skin are endless.

— Sue P., Prospect

Tammy and NickMy husband and I are a busy couple, we work together and rarely get enough time to look after ourselves and, in our line of work a healthy, clear complexion is important. You have always been professional and efficient in the way that you’ve looked after us, and coming to you to ‘switch off’ is a pleasure. Thank you Mary for your wonderful service and treatments.

— Tammy & Nick P. - LJ Hooker Kensington/Unley

Josie KI have never before experienced such an obvious visual improvement to my age related skin problems. Mary’s confident use of equipment and her skilled knowledge of individual client requirements has revived and toned my skin structure to a healthy, youthful looking glow. I am thrilled with the results and recommend The Face & Body Lounge treatments, they are literally rejuvenating.

— Josie K. - Admin Officer, Newton

Anne-NI have for years resented the gift of my mother’s jowls! When I heard about Medilift, I tried the treatment and, although it took a few sessions, the results were amazing. People tell me that I don’t look my age, and I rarely believed them, but I now have the confidence to modestly accept the compliments. I can look in the mirror and see myself looking the way I’d like to. I know I will grow old, but I still get the compliments which make me feel proud and graceful………..and that’s an important feeling.

— Anne - National and International Artist, SA

HelenMary’s extensive knowledge of products, ingredients and their function means that I can trust in the products that are recommended for me. Her desire to research and source the best product for me regardless of whether she stocks it, makes me feel that I am not just another ‘sale’, but a valued client.

— Helen. - Health & Vitality, Sefton Plaza

cassie-vI’ve been to so many salons in the past that have made me feel like a number; rushed through, and pushy sales-talk even throughout my treatment. Finally a salon that is friendly and welcoming and, only one client at a time…ME! Thanks for the Dermabrasions, Intensive treatments and great advice that keep my skin looking GREAT.

— Cassie V. - lennyclothing.com.au

mary-vDark pigment, age spots and sun damage meant that as I got older I had to wear more make-up to cover up the flaws. The Intense light therapy helped to minimise the pigment and keep my skin texture more even. In my line of work I see many customers, and the compliments are endless. And now I wear minimal make-up. Thanks Ann for all your help- and the confidence boost!

— Mary V., West Beach

I used to shave my underarms daily but would always have a ‘shadow’ no matter what. And waxing meant waiting for the hair to grow, and painful, ugly ingrown hairs. After only a few Intense Light treatments, I can say goodbye to the prickly stubble. I highly recommend the treatment and wish I had it done years ago.

— Andrea R, Prospect

Thank you to The Face & Body Lounge for helping to keep my ‘lumpy bits’ under control. The Cavitation treatments really help and I love the results. I can now wear shorts with confidence, no more ‘orange peel’ on my thighs to worry about.

— Kym T., Norwood